Proudly maintaining snowmobile trails in northern Oneida County, New York, including north Rome, Western, 
Hawkins Corners, Lee Center, Stokes Corners, West Branch, Point Rock, Ava and into West Leyden.

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The Trailbusters Snowmobile Club, Inc. is a non-profit snowmobile club founded in 1966. The club maintains over 41 miles of Class A trails over both public and private lands. The club provides snowmobile safety education classes and encourages preservation, conservation and a healthy respect of nature and the environment. 

The Lee Center Trailbusters would like to thank all of our landowners for their generous cooperation in allowing us to have trails travel across their property. Without their support, it would not be possible to have these trails. 


In the News


All Trailbusters Snowmobile Trails are Officially Closed for the Season  

The Trailbusters wish to extend a thank you to all of the very gracious landowners who allowed the use of their land during this very successful snowmobiling season.

As we state every year, motorized vehicles of any type, including ATVís and dirt bikes, are not permitted to use the trail system during the offseason. The only exception will be for club volunteers who will be closing gates and fences and removing signs.



Club Elections - May 13, 2014

The Trailbusters Snowmobile Club will have our annual election of officers at our May 13th meeting.  If there are any members out there who are interested in running for office, please let Club Secretary Millie Piersall know.  John Beggs, (our Nominating Committee) has presented a slate of  officers, all of whom are all willing to serve as shown below. 

Bob Spindler, President
Andy Lim, Vice President
Millie Piersall, Secretary
Dave Peer, Treasurer.


Club Update from our Secretary Millie Piersall - April 7, 2014




The drawing date for the NYSSA Super Raffle is coming up fast! (26 Apr 2014)


There are 51 great prizes, with the major ones being three 2014 snowmobiles and $5.000 cash. There are 30 other cash prizes in amounts of $100.00, $200.00, $250.00 and $300.00, plus many gift certificates and overnight lodging packages.  These prizes appeal to both snowmobilers and non-snowmobilers. 


This is a friendly last reminder to members who have not yet returned stubs and money.   Final turn in date is 15 April 2014.  If you still have tickets, wonít you reconsider and sell or purchase your tickets so you can have a chance at these prizes while supporting your club?  Those who have already responded, please discard this notice.  Your support is very much appreciated.


*****************************Important information*******************************


We have ended a wonderful snowmobiling season.  We hope you had the chance to enjoy the trails. Your continued support of the club which enables us to provide you the smooth groomed trails is appreciated.  We hope to see all present members back again next season.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to join the club so we can continue to provide the class trails expected of us. 


A heads up on renewing memberships for the coming season: First and more importantly, blank vouchers will no longer be issued.  We regret not being able to provide this convenient service to you wherein you were able to renew your club membership and get the blank voucher at our local snowmobile dealers.  Membership applications will still be processed by the club after receiving your membership request, then mailed to you.


NYSSA has moved to a new membership system effective 1 April 2014.  The look of the online membership system will be slightly different from the past.


One of the most apparent changes is that you will no longer need your NYSSA ID # and old password to enter into the membership system and renew your membership.


Your logon or your user ID will be your e-mail address and you can make up your password.  Unfortunately, since this is a brand new system you will need to re-enter all your information including your address and any other person who registers a sled under your voucher e.g., your spouse or partner, or child under 18.


Any name and address that appears on the sled registration issued by DMV must also appear on the NYSSA voucher, and it must be recorded within your member account.  Handwritten changes to the voucher will not be accepted at DMV, so be sure the information that you input, including your address, is accurate.


The new system will generate a totally unique voucher number for each membership year. 


Additional information on the new membership system will be provided on the NYSSA website and within the NYSSA Online Magazine over the coming months.



PO Box 193

Lee Center, NY 13363

NYSSA Super Raffle Fundraiser

The club is participating in the NYSSA Super Raffle. The drawing will be held on April 26, 2014. Tickets are $5.00 each and the club gets to keep $2.50 from each ticket sold. This is a good fundraiser as we have no investment in a prize or cost of printing tickets. Prizes are great, including a 2014 Arctic Cat Sno-Pro 500, a 2014 Polaris Indy 550, a 2014 Ski Doo MXZ Sport600 or a $5,000 cash prize. Additionally there are 50 more prizes, including many $200 cash prizes, gift certificates, weekend getaways, etc. These prizes will appeal to everyone, not just snowmobilers. 

Every club member was mailed three tickets and we ask that you purchase them or sell them to a friend. The ticket stubs and money can be returned to the club in the self addressed envelope that was provided. Please make checks out to the Trailbusters Snowmobile Club. This was a very successful fundraiser for the club last year and we did sell the second place ticket! 

Members can pick up additional tickets to sell at the trail party. You can also send an email request to or phone Bob Spindler at 315-339-0426 and tickets can be mailed or arrangements made for delivery to you. Please support this fundraiser!!!

Fall Newsletter

The clubs most recent 2013 Fall Newsletter, written by our highly dedicated Club Secretary Millie Piersall, can be found at the link below.  

   Club Newsletter

A Message from the Trailbusters Snowmobile Club President
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following members for their assistance in completing our Trail C4H bridge re-decking:

John Beggs
Darwin Piersall
Tony Marcoccia
Walt Buhler
Mark Salisbury
Brendan Yager
Mike Yager
Job well done!!! They completed the bridge project in one day this past Saturday (September). Thanks so much for volunteering your time. It is greatly appreciated.

Bob Spindler

Jessica Gallagher Earns Trailbusters Snowmobile Club Scholarship

John Beggs, scholarship chairman for the Trailbusters Snowmobile Club, presents the clubís annual $250 scholarship to Jessica Gallagher. Gallagher, daughter of Joel and Sandra Gallagher of Family Circle, Town of Lee, is a June 2013 graduate of Rome Free Academy who graduated 6th in her class of 332 with a 97.3 un-weighted average. She will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology to study chemical engineering.

Trailbusters Monthly Meetings

Held the second Tuesday of each month from September through April at the Lee Town Hall, Stokes-Lee Center Road, Lee Center at 7:30 PM. The remaining seasons schedule is:  April 8th and May 13th. Members are urged to attend these meetings to support the organization and keep informed. Make a note of these dates and attend when you can.

Culvert Installation Completed

The club recently installed a culvert on Trail C4A near West Leyden. Little projects that help make huge improvements in our trail system. Thank you to our club members who made it happen, and thank you to Millie Piersall for sharing her photos!

C4A Culvert Installation Photographs


Please Join the Club!

Please follow the Join the Club link on the left to join or renew your Trailbusters membership. If you enjoy our trails and would like to become a club member, we offer two options to join. You can print out our application form and send it in by mail or you can choose the NYSSA online membership application and printout your membership voucher immediately. Either way, we thank you for supporting the Trailbusters Snowmobile Club! 

FYI, you can no longer join a snowmobile club at the DMV. If you do not join a club, your registration fee will be $100 per sled. If you do join a club, the registration fee is $45 per sled. The Trailbusters Snowmobile Club would be honored to have you join us as a member! 

Thank you to everyone who has already joined!

Trail Work

If you can and would like to pound posts and other work required to open or maintain the trails, contact John Beggs at 337-0359 and let him know. 

Email Addresses

Emailing the club newsletter makes this task much simpler, faster and more cost effective. If you are not on our email list, please provide your address. We will be e-mailing the newsletter as well as any pertinent snowmobile related information as it happens. Don't be left out.

Use this link to add e-mail address


For additional club news, go to the Newsletters link on the left and check out the most recent club newsletter.